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One of the toughest and most important milestones on the road to recovery is coming to the realization that there is a problem. While the exact point at which substance use moves into the realm of addiction will vary significantly between individuals, the main warning signs are clear. They include altering behavior to accommodate using the substance, thinking about using the substance during periods of sobriety, and having family or loved ones mention use of the substance under the influence of the substance.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and only a trained mental health professional is qualified to diagnose a substance abuse problem. Nevertheless, recognition that the problem exists at all is always the first step in the addiction recovery process.

Luckily, those seeking to reform their substance abuse today have a rich list of treatment options from which to choose. Valley Creek Recovery drug rehab centers have track records of success indicating that they are among the most effective means of treating substance abuse issues in the country today. That’s because our addiction recovery program in Long Beach, California relies heavily on evidence-based, scientific treatment protocols that have been demonstrated to be effective.

One of the most important phases of treatment, once the problem has been definitively identified as such, is that detoxification phase. Upon arriving at our substance abuse treatment facility in Long Beach, the client will undergo a complete detoxification. Our drug detox clinic is staffed by trained and competent professionals. This means that we have the needed talent on call at all times to treat everything from a case of recreational use to the most severe withdrawals. Whatever the challenges that our clients’ detox presents, we have the experts and the knowledge to get them through it.

After the client has undergone a complete detoxification, they will join the rest of the clients in our Long Beach addiction recovery center. Many clients will be pleasantly surprised to discover that our addiction recovery facility is very comfortable. That is a conscious decision on our part. Our addiction treatment center in Long Beach is designed to make the client as physically, emotionally, and mentally comfortable as possible.

Our addiction treatment center in Long Beach will be located in a safe area, where the clients are able to safely walk around the premises and its immediate vicinity. But it will also be a place of emotional safety as well. One of the main reasons that those not suffering from mental illness turn to substance abuse is to alleviate social anxiety and tension. Our centers create conditions where the client is at ease with themselves and their surroundings.

One of the aspects of our Long Beach addiction treatment program, which differs substantially from others, is its focus on creating strong community bonds. Clients are encouraged not just to freely interact with staff but also with others going through the treatment program. This can build a sense of strong camaraderie, with each member of the program becoming part of a whole greater than themselves. The sense of a common purpose by attaining lasting sobriety can create extremely powerful and lasting bonds. Clients who are able to enter group-based therapy to eradicate the disease of addiction have a higher chance of making a lasting recovery.

Our program also emphasizes genuineness of interactions that the staff has with the client. Here, there are no hierarchical relationships between staff and client. Each is the equal of the other, on a common mission to defeat addiction. To this end, many of our staff members are themselves recovering addicts. This gives a realness and a means of genuine empathy to the interactions between the client and staff, the latter being able to relate to the former in ways that most clinicians at a traditional addiction treatment facility could not.

Come see what our Valley Creek Recovery drug rehab facility can do for you.